Proj #4 – Mapping

Playing with maps for the first time! For this project, I worked with the Mapbox JS library and geoJSON data to add marker to signifiant locations to paint a story with a map. View this project in action: Traveling China

Resource: Mapbox Tutorial



Proj #3 – Separation Breakdown

This project showcases the color separation process in screen printing. I used CSS animations to slide the color plates from side to side and jQuery to toggle the classes off and on, to trigger these actions. The user can also dictate how the colors lay on top of each other, based on the order in which they activate the color buttons. 3 ways to check this project out:


Proj #1 – Memory Game

For this project, I worked with the Math.random() function in JS to shuffle the array of images for the memory game. I also learned to use data attributes to store pertinent information about each card, and use this information to know if the user has found a match. The layout of this site uses CSS media queries to be mobile responsive. Check out this Memory Game.

I got started with this: Memory Game Tutorial


Art courtesy of Sumofish